Pillows are a great way to use one special shirt or a variety of shirts in small items. Pillows can be either stuffed or have a pillow form inserted.

Stuffed Pillows

Stuffed pillows have an unquilted front and back. They have been stuffed with a very high quality poly-fil. Stuffed pillows can be a single shirt with the front and back, multiple pieces from different shirts or have fabric added as a border and back. They can be squares or rectangles depending on what you have for shirts but generally have a maximum size of 16”. 

Single shirt (front and back) - $45 
Single shirt with fabric border and fabric back - $50 
Pieced grid of 12 different items with fabric back - $60 
Pieced grid of 16-20 different items with fabric back - $70

Quilted Pillows

Quilted pillows have a quilted front and envelope style fabric back. They come with a pillow form inserted which is removeable through the envelope flaps. Quilted pillows can be made from a single shirt or pieced from multiple shirts. These pillows are always square. The front is quilted with a high quality batting and muslin interior backing. The back of the pillow has folded fabric creating the envelope back. These pillows have a maximum size of 20” before an extra charge is incurred to cover the cost of the bigger form and additional fabric.  

Single shirt (front only) - $60 
Pieced grid of nine different items with maximum size of 20” - $85