I offer a lecture to quilt guilds on how to incorporate unique items into their T-shirt quilts. Though many quilters have heard of T-shirt quilts, they are stymied by how to get started and then to incorporate interesting items into their quilts. If your guild is interested in this one-hour lecture, please contact me for the contract.   

“Quilts to a Tee: Using T-Shirts and Unique Clothing in Quilts”

This one-hour lecture for guilds and groups is designed to provide inspiration and guidance for quilters who are thinking about tackling a T-shirt or memory quilt. Quilt samples and photos are used to show how quilters can expand the possibilities of the conventional T-shirt quilt to include anything that can be washed, sewn and made to lie flat. Using interesting items such as pajamas, ties, sweaters, jeans, socks, baby clothes, button down shirts, etc. is the largest portion of the lecture. The lecture is available in person or on Zoom.    

Pricing: $275* ($225 if booked with a workshop)

*Mileage to be reimbursed at current IRS rate per mile from Bellingham, MA.