Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to make a quilt?

I have never actually successfully timed myself! I generally need about 8 weeks lead time to make the quilt a part of my schedule but this is flexible. Christmas and Graduation are the two busiest times. As they are all due all at once, I make sure everyone has the quilts when they need them. This is not a “first in, first out” situation. As a result, I can shuffle things around based on the different needs of my customers and the schedule of my family. For the busiest times, please try to contact me by October 1st for Christmas and by February 1st for Graduation to be guaranteed a spot. After those dates, remaining spots may be available in limited amounts. I do not hold spots without a deposit at any point. My schedule is subject to change at any time as I never have any idea how busy I will be.      

Can I use sweatshirts?

I can use most things that can be washed, sewn and made to lie flat. T-shirts, sweatshirts, pajamas, pants, socks, bathing suits, leotards, baby blanket shreds, etc. are all usually fine! I will give you my opinion when I see it. As wool is tricky to wash and not have it shrink dramatically, I don’t use wool items in the quilts.

Can you put photos on the quilt?

I am not currently set up to print photos in a professional way. I recommend having your photos professionally printed on fabric. Then I can use them! I have had mixed success with home T-shirt transfers. They can sometimes peel off. A professional printing company has the right equipment so this will not be an issue. 

Do you take credit card? How do the payments work?

I take cash, check, Venmo, PayPal and credit card. I have a Square account and can send you an invoice that way so you can pay online with your credit card. I require a 50% down payment at the time of the initial meeting in order to start work on the quilt. The balance is due when you pick it up. If you would like to make payments, that is fine. If you do not have all your items ready but want to guarantee your spot, a deposit may be paid in advance of the meeting. 

Do I have to buy your fabric and batting? 

Fabric - No! I offer a small selection of high quality fabrics you are welcome to choose from. If you do not see something you like or enjoy shopping for fabric, I will work up yardage for you. Please only shop at places that sell high quality materials. I can give you a list of quilt shops.
Batting - Yes! I only use a specific batting that works very well with these kinds of quilts.

How do I prepare the shirts? Can I cut them?

Please do not cut anything!!! I will do that. Sometimes when people cut it themselves, they make it more difficult for me. Please leave your items whole. Wash everything before you give it to me with a little detergent and no fabric softener. If you are a smoker, please soak your clothes in a baking soda bath before washing as normal and keep the items away from smoke once washed. 

I do not live locally to Bellingham, MA. Can you still make me a quilt?

Yes! I am happy to do consultations through Zoom.. Once you know for sure that I am going to do the quilt, you send me the shirts and we set up the Zoom meeting. When the quilt is complete, I send the quilt back to you. You pay the shipping. Before the quilt is shipped, I send you a photo and an invoice. The estimated shipping and quilt balance must be paid before I will ship it. 

Will you donate a raffle item to my event? 

I am happy to donate a raffle item (a small gift certificate) for causes special to my current and former customers. Please ask!

Do you have a fundraiser?

Yes! I offer fundraisers for the benefit of high school senior activities or other community organizations. The high school fundraisers are specifically geared at graduation quilts. If your organization is interested, please contact me for the information sheet. I will create a custom PDF that can be distributed electronically. Any graduation quilts that are booked through the fundraiser will create a 10% donation to the organization. I do these each year in the winter upon request.