Variable T-Shirt Quilts

Variable Layout Quilts have every item sized to the size it wants to be, small, medium, big, square, rectangle, whatever! This is a great option if you have a lot of items, multiple sizes, strange sizes, want to incorporate backs, etc. This layout comes with a small inner border and wider outer border. The outer border fabric is usually used in the interior as well as some similar fabrics to fill in between the shirts. Generally for a twin size quilt I recommend a minimum of 20 items of a variety of sizes. More can fit (depending on their size) if you have them. 

Variable Pricing

Variable Layout Quilts are by far the most expensive as they need lots more time in the design and construction process. I price by the number of pieces. Major modifications, extra patches, adding backs, etc. are $5 each. 

Up to 20 items - $22 each
Items 21+ - $18 each
Batting - $20 for throw, twin, full and $25 for queen or king
Fabric - Twin - $85, Full - $100, Queen - $115, King - $130

Pricing Example:

Twin size variable quilt with 25 items, 4 backs added, 2 patches
20 x $22 = $440
5 x $18 = $90
Batting = $20
Fabric = $85
Extras (add 4 backs and 2 patches) 6 x $5 = $30 
Massachusetts Sales Tax on Fabric and Batting = $6.56
Grand Total = $671.56