Standard Grid T-Shirt Quilts

Standard Grid T-Shirt Quilts have a grid layout, sashing fabric between the blocks and two borders. Generally, the sashing fabric is the same as the outer border fabric with the smaller inner border being a complimentary and contrasting color. 

Standard Grids have every shirt sized to the same size. The biggest logo dictates the size of everything. 15” is the normal size for the blocks with 16” generally as the maximum size. This is a great way to get a larger quilt with a smaller amount of items. 

Standard Grid Pricing

Standard Grid Quilts are priced by the number of pieces, not the size of the blocks.  Major modifications, extra patches, adding backs, etc. are $5 each.

Each item - $22 each
Batting - $20 for throw, twin, full and $25 for queen or king
Fabric - Twin - $85, Full - $100, Queen - $115, King - $130

General guideline for amounts:
TWIN - 3x4 grid, 12 shirts
FULL - 4x5 grid, 20 shirts
QUEEN - 5x5 grid, 25 shirts
KING - 6x5 grid, 30 shirts

Pricing Example:

Twin size standard layout quilt with 12 items, 2 patches
12 x $22 = $264 
Batting = $20
Fabric = $85
Extras (add 2 patches) 2 x $5 = $10
Massachusetts Sales Tax on Fabric and Batting = $6.56
Grand Total = $385.56